NYSERDA- Clean Energy Communities Program: 3 Things You Need to Know

| December 28, 2017

What is NYSERDA? There is an order being talked about in the house right now that will affect grant opportunities for clean energy. In order to develop sustainable communities, cities and local governments in New York State will be able to use the Clean Energy Communities program. This will allow them to be approved as a “Clean Energy Community”, and allow them to apply for grants to fund clean, sustainable energy projects.

The program will also allow eligible local governments to save on taxpayer dollars while improving the environment. To learn how geothermal energy can save you money, check out Geothermal Savings.

How the Clean Energy Program Works

General eligibility requirements, and a set of 10 “High Impact Actions” are put up against communities. The communities that meet the requirements and fulfill 4 of the 10 High Impact Actions will be designated as Clean Energy Communities and be eligible for grants.

Clean Energy Coordinators will be available to local governments for no cost. The coordinators can team up with local leaders to develop clean energy goals, provide guidance resources on legislation, procurement, and contracts, as well as take advantage of funding and technical assistance.

The program also rewards the leadership and development that takes place when clean energy projects are completed and earn success.

Who Should Apply for the Clean Energy Program in NY

The program is open to elected officials and employees of local governments across the state. They will be able to use the programs to develop clean energy, save energy costs, create jobs, and help the environment.

Those eligible to apply will have access to Clean Communities Coordinators, resources, and technical assistance.

How to Apply for the NY Clean Energy Community

Local governments that want to apply are required to submit documentation for 4 of the 10 High Impact Actions. If the local area receives a Clean Energy Community designation, they can complete another application for additional funding.

The applications for clean energy project funding will be accepted until September 30, 2019, or until all the state funds have been exhausted. Until then, local municipalities and officials should take a look at their community’s clean energy developments. Then they can apply to the program, hopefully ensuring that they can make clean energy more prominent and more affordable in the future!

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