Top 10 Geothermal Myths, Debunked

| March 9, 2018

Geothermal energy is still a relatively new energy source, and much of the world continues to rely on traditional fuel as a source of power. But that does not mean that geothermal energy is brand new or unstable. Geothermal energy has been harvested for over 100 years.

Here we go over some of the top myths about geothermal heating and cooling systems, and why they are false. Maybe you’ve heard some of them before, and maybe some of them are new to you. Either way, there are plenty of misconceptions about geothermal energy, and we want to set the record straight!

Myth – Geothermal only works for heating.

Geothermal energy can actually be used for heating and cooling. In the summer, geothermal systems actually store the removed heat from your home in the earth. It’s the total package!

Myth – Geothermal energy is not accessible everywhere.

Although the cost-effectiveness of geothermal differs from location to location, geothermal energy is available just about everywhere in the U.S. All areas have near-constant ground temperatures.

Myth – Geothermal HVAC systems don’t last very long.

A well-maintained geothermal system can actually last up to 20 years or more. The ground pipes alone can last indefinitely.

Myth – Geothermal can’t be installed in an existing home.

The truth is, geothermal systems can be installed in both new and existing homes.

Myth – Geothermal requires too much maintenance.

Geothermal systems are actually very simple. They include less outdoor components than traditional systems, so they last longer and require less maintenance.

Myth – Geothermal energy is only for the wealthy.

While it’s true that geothermal energy has more upfront costs than traditional systems, the costs of it are much less in the long run. After time, geothermal energy will save you considerably more than any other system.

To see what amount of money your home could save, check out our free savings calculator.

Myth – Geothermal HVAC systems are noisy.

Geothermal systems are simply quiet. Unlike traditional HVAC systems, geothermal is installed underground, so you have no outdoor machines making noise!

Myth – Geothermal is too big to fit in my yard.

EarthLinked geothermal systems can fit in any yard. Some diagonal earth loop systems have been installed in areas as small as 3 ft in diameter.

Myth – Geothermal HVAC systems are too complicated.

Geothermal heating and cooling is actually designed with systems you will know, systems very similar to traditional HVAC. In addition, they often include less components than a traditional system.

Myth – Geothermal ground loops can contaminate my yard.

Ground loop systems actually contain water in the pipes. In the extreme rare event of a leak, there is no danger to the earth in your yard