5 Ways to Save On Energy Costs

| April 8, 2018

What would you do with an extra $2,000 dollars every year? Take a nice vacation? Save for retirement? Invest? And let’s say you continue to receive the same amount every year. In ten years, you’ll have saved $20,000. In twenty-five years, you could have $50,000. It’s all yours, to do whatever you want with.

You could be saving almost $2,000 every year by switching to geothermal alone. This is not to mention the time, money, and resale value you can save by keeping up with your home and its systems. There are plenty of options for saving, from upgrading your HVAC system to insulating your home.

To give you all the more reason to save money, here we go over five easy ways to save on your monthly costs.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is an insulation option that helps your home allow zero air leakage. The benefit of spray foam is that it keeps warm and cool air properly sealed inside your home. You can save up to 50% on heating costs, making the average payback only three or four years.

Homes that use spray foam insulation usually have higher resale value and sell faster. It can be installed in residential homes, townhouses, condos, and duplexes.

Ductwork Repair

An average ductwork system loses 10 to 30% of the heating and cooling energy it’s supposed to distribute. As a result, you’re losing money trying to keep up with the temperature your home is set at. Whether your system is old or it has been installed incorrectly, an air leak is a serious concern.

Duct sealing and installing ductwork properly can help you significantly reduce the energy your system is losing. In the long run, you will save money that might otherwise be lost through leaks. It’s as simple as finding the proper installer that will take the time to install your system the right way.

Ductwork Sealing

Air leaks are a silent killer. Unlike water leaks, an air leak can be almost impossible to find. And although they go under the radar, they can cost you significant amounts of money.

Duct sealing is an option that can help your HVAC duct system prevent leaks and keep the heating and cooling energy that runs through it. Sealing the ductwork makes it airtight, and drastically more efficient. Not only will it prevent leaks, but it can also improve the air quality inside your home.

Switch to Geothermal

Just by switching to geothermal, a 2,000 square foot home could save up to $166 every month on heating and cooling costs. Like we said before, that’s close to $2,000 every year. Not only will you be saving an incredible amount of money, but you’ll be saving the environment as well.

Direct exchange systems are one of the geothermal options available today. If you’re looking to save even more money, it’s helpful to know that they are typically 25% more efficient than traditional systems.

Find Savings Specific to Your Home

Some companies offer free savings estimates when it comes to geothermal, heating and cooling, duct systems, or insulation. This will help let you know how much your home could save and how much it would cost upfront.

Almost every home in existence can save money by upgrading their HVAC system or by switching to geothermal heating and cooling. But it helps to know what your own home can save, and how much money you could be collecting down the road.

To learn more about savings opportunities, be sure to check out our guide on the 30% geothermal tax credit.