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“Do Not Install a Geothermal System Until You Read This! Before installing a geothermal system, I searched the internet extensively for more information.

To my surprise, I was astonished at how many bad reviews people gave geothermal and how many problems they were having with their professionally installed geothermal system. Nothing is more compelling than a series of bad reviews about geothermal, to persuade you not to install one at all. Why was it that there can be such a mixed bag of reviews ranging from good, to others that were outright devastating? Imagine spending your hard-earned money on something that does not work! I had concluded that all Geothermal systems and Installers are not alike.

I had poured over the internet for all the Geothermal companies in and around my area. I had made appointments with all of them. I was initially blown away and outright confused at the onset. Each with their sales pitches, some with their pressure techniques, and others with their scare tactics. I have met with companies spanning from Long Island through Massachusetts, and finally one thing started to become perfectly clear. Most installers of geothermal, even the larger prominent ones, are not qualified to install geothermal! Those companies which had installed HVAC systems for years now started to jump on the geothermal bandwagon to make some money. Unfortunately, these vendors that I dealt with had extensive knowledge of normal HVAC systems; but not with geothermal. I had started to call these vendors “Geothermally Deficient”!

I then started to deal solely with the geothermal installers only. This narrowed the field down drastically. From my 6 months of research on the internet, going on the geothermal forums, installer forums, meeting with the experts, etc. I had become a sort of expert on the diverse types of systems. All Geothermal Systems Are Not Created Equal! All Geothermal Systems Will Not Perform the Same! All Geothermal Installers Are Not the Same as Well! At this point, I realized what I had wanted and how I wanted it installed. I wanted the more efficient DX system with the copper ground loops filled with refrigerant. I was not interested at all in the PVC ground loops filled with poly glycol. The DX with the copper ground loops made much more sense to me, after all what is a better conductor, copper, or plastic? To my surprise some Installers were slamming the DX system saying that the copper will rust, and the system will fail. That scary tactic would seem to make sense; however, it is not true, and here is why. The North East is not really known for acidic soil which would create the proper environment for those conditions to manifest over a long period of time. Additionally, if the system is installed properly with anodes, the copper ground loops would be protected! Another thing that I did not want was the cone shaped DX installation. No matter how hard that one company tried to sell it to me, no matter how many calls they left me, and no matter how qualified they pretended to be, their reviews online were revealing, although suppressed. These cone ground loop systems certainly proved that their design is certainly less than par. Bottom line the cone-based system is just easier to install, with the claim of a lot less mess in the back yard. I would rather have a system done right and done right the first time.

This all leads back to one thing… Who had I chosen to install my geothermal system? I chose Chris Ryan and “GEO”. I can tell you with great certainty that they were the ONLY competent company out there with which I had dealt. When I had my meeting with them, I was so impressed with their knowledge and their experience. Everything Chris said was completely truthful and made sense and was completely in alignment with all of the research that I had done. I felt so confident in my choice, I hired them on the spot. That proved to be one of the greatest choices that I have made in my life. The installation went perfectly, and on time. I now save so much money geothermal! I no longer have the worry of what oil prices will be now, or in the future. I do not have to worry about my tank running out of oil. I do not have to have an oil service contract. I do not have to worry about anything! I simply turn on my system and enjoy the comfort and savings that “GEO” gave me the ability to have. I would like to say to the entire “GEO” team, “Thank you so much! You have given me such an excellent value that will save me tons of money year after year! Thank You and God Bless You!”

Ron Buffone | LaGrangeville, NY

“I wanted to take the time to write and thank you for your extraordinary service. Despite many changes throughout the project, your team was always willing, flexible, and able to satisfy the needs and requests of our client, and still perform on time and on budget. It was your team’s innovative, quick, and knowledgeable responses that made your scope of work in this project such a smooth and seamless task. We look forward to collaborating with your firm on upcoming projects, and as well, we look forward to a fruitful relationship for future endeavors.

Thank you once again for your friendly, accommodating, experienced business sprit.”

Corey L. Grossman, President | Four Seasons Construction

“In 2006, with the rise in oil prices and unpredictability of future prices, I started researching alternative sources of green energy. I concluded that with the advancements in Direct Exchange (DX) geothermal technology, DX was now the way to go. DX was environmentally safe, efficient, and cost— effective. I contacted Chris Ryan, who had built my house, and I knew to be a perfectionist (like me), for a proposal. Chris supervised every aspect of the project and ensured the professional and neat installation of my system. To this day I remain absolutely thrilled with Chris, his team, and for switching to geothermal energy. If you are looking for an honest contractor who stands by his work and his word, and one that has the expertise to get the job done right, then I would highly recommend Geothermal Energy Options.”

John R. | Union Vale, NY

“I am glad to have the opportunity to tell everyone about our experience with Geothermal Energy Options. My husband and I bought a house that we thought needed “a little bit of work”. We ended up gutting it and our budget tripled. The stress level was high.

Before I decide, little or big, I research it to death. The installation of the geothermal system was the most important investment we were going to make. I was put in charge of gathering information and deciding. I made many phone calls and spent many hours trying to find the “right” contractor.

Along the way I heard many nightmare stories and had many others try to discourage me from using geothermal. I finally called GEO and spoke with Chris Ryan, the Owner. He spent hours on the phone with me, explaining and reassuring me. After receiving the proposal and 3 or 4 multi-hour conversations I finally decided that this was the company for me. I was terribly nervous…what if this was a nightmare…. what if he takes our money and runs, like many of the stories you hear about. Those fears could not be further from the truth. The job started on time and Chris or Dan (manager) were always there supervising. Dan even went into the trenches during the excavation and helped. The wells were dug, and the lines were in. All was going well until there was a hitch. There was a problem with the permit. The work came to a halt, and we were overwhelmed with the process. It had always been our responsibility to get the permit and I figured Chris would abandon us now. He had a partial payment, the pause in work was our fault and we were screwing up his schedule. Chris and his team spent hours putting together a package to provide to the building inspector. We got it done and the permit crisis was averted.

Next step, units, and ductwork. I am an avid believer that the true test of a company is what happens when there is a problem because in the world of contracting and with customers expecting top notch products and service, problems are inevitable. The ductwork had to be exactly right, for the system to work well and for my own edification. It started off o.k. but problems began to arise. I did not call Chris right away because I thought that he would tell me that I was being picky and unreasonable, and I was afraid that he might get mad and run away with our money. After all the ductwork was in (first floor, second floor and basement on three separate zones) I finally called him. He took what I had to say very seriously and came out the very next day and what do you suppose he said…. I can tell you what I expected him to say…” This is simply fine” There’s no problem here”. That was the furthest from what happened. To my surprise and delight he fired the company who did the work, ripped it out and immediately had another contractor come in and do a meticulous job. I was in disbelief. He is more of a perfectionist than I am, and he truly wanted the job to be perfect and for me to be happy.

What I learned during that day is that Chris stands behind his product and his work and he does what he says he is going to do. He finished the ductwork and the units, and the units worked as expected. We still had a lot of work to do before he could come back to install the registers and add some final changes. Now that he had most of the payment, he would come back. Chris stayed connected and gently pushed us to get the work done so he could complete the work. Then another problem…the heat upstairs was not working. It was 4pm on Saturday when we discovered this. I called Chris right away. He immediately drove out (45 minutes away) and discovered that the sheetrock installers had pulled the thermostat wire out. It was a relief but incredibly embarrassing. Chris and his team stand behind their product and their work. They ALWAYS go above and beyond. I am relieved that I chose Chris and his team to do our geothermal system. You would be crazy to go anywhere else!!”

Anna & Jose | Campbell Hall, NY

“We did extensive research in alternative energy solutions prior to remodeling our home because we were tired of paying the ever-increasing home heating oil costs; and we opted to install a geothermal system to manage our heating and cooling needs. We also researched a number of geothermal installers in the area and, after many interviews with other company representatives, we chose Chris Ryan and Geothermal Energy Options.

We were impressed with his breadth of knowledge in alternative heating solutions and his many years of experience in the building industry. He designed an energy efficient HVAC system for our home, and he closely supervised the system installation. He has been available to answer all our questions regarding our geothermal system and he has worked diligently to maximize the system efficiency. Although the past winter was mild, we found that our geothermal system provided sufficient heat, even on the coldest days, at a cost of a few dollars per day for electricity.

Our experience with Chris Ryan has been a positive one and we gladly recommend him and geothermal energy to anyone considering a better home heating/cooling option.”

Dave and Odie Dobbins | Bedford Hills, NY

“We started the process of building a custom colonial home in OC, NY. My fiancé remembered a friend using geothermal technology. In doing research on the internet, we stumbled upon Geothermal Energy Options. After a little research, we decided to reach out to Chris Ryan, with whom we set up a meeting to discuss the system his company would be offering and how well (and cost effective overall), the geothermal system would work.

After meeting with Chris, we found we really wanted to go with his Nordic system to replace the standard HVAC system our builder was offering. We found Chris to be incredibly informative, personable, and extremely knowledgeable on this subject. Aside from the fact that only a certified geothermal company/person should install your system (as that is the MAIN factor in why any geothermal system would fail), we walked away from each of our preliminary meetings prior to the drilling, duct work/installation, etc. feeling as if we’ve hit the jackpot in finding the BEST geo system company out here. Additionally, the fact that Chris was a former builder himself added to the value of the whole geothermal package being offered, as well as in dealing with our builder’s supervisor in scheduling the installation of the geo system during the build. GEO also offers spray foam insulation, which we opted for as well – between the above average geothermal system and the spray foam technology, we will be saving thousands of dollars in the long run and don’t ever have to worry about propane tanks or rising oil prices ever again. While the issue may be to others the priciness of the system, the 30% federal tax credit, along with HVAC (if one is building a new home or establishment), certainly makes the purchase all that much easier.

We cannot wait for our house to be finished so not only can we enjoy a new home, but to utilize the geothermal system for all our heating and cooling purposes. As previously stated, Chris is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating in working hard to please their customers, and provides great customer service! One can spend hours with them talking about how the system works, but the technology is indeed quite brilliant, and GEO certainly has captured and perfected a clean, green, environmentally friendly, highly efficient way to heat and cool a house or any other large space. We are sure we will be incredibly happy with the result and look forward to referring GEO to anyone shopping around for the green wave of the future. Thank you very much, GEO!”

Lea & Ken W. | Chester, NY

“We wanted to thank you for designing and installing a great Geothermal heating and cooling system for us. After doing a lot of research and spending time learning about the DX technology, we knew we wanted Geothermal in our new home. Julie and I decided your company was the right one to do the installation. We were extremely impressed with you and your company right from the start. The entire process was great. You were efficient and always available if we had any questions. You advised us and gave us great guidance for insulating our home to make it more efficient. The drilling was simple and installing the system seemed remarkably like traditional HVAC, with the ductwork and the units being hooked up. We have been using the system for about 8 months now. It works perfectly both in heating, cooling, and hot water. We are thrilled at the savings in energy costs to heat/cool our home since February our total electric bill has been averaging about $190 dollars per month for a 4,000 square foot home. It is great not to rely on oil and not to worry about the fluctuating prices to heat our home.

We Highly recommend your company to anyone interested in Geothermal.”

Greg & Julie | South Salem, NY

“As you know this was not the first Geo system that I have ever had experience with when I contacted you for the Mariani residence in Harrison, NY. When I met you, I explained to you how the customer said to us the day before I was supposed to begin the rough installation of the oil-fired hydro air HVAC system for the house that they wanted to investigate the potential for using a Geothermal HVAC system. Upon the recommendation of another contractor whom I have profound respect for I contacted you.

With great trepidation I began our discussions with your organization and more specifically you personally. From the outset it was obvious your level of experience, knowledge and professional demeanor were paramount. I immediately determined that if financially all things were equal with your peers whom I also interviewed I would choose to go with you. When you presented your proposal with all the information that accompanied it, I was incredibly happy to see how competitive you were, so it was a clear-cut choice for me.

Throughout the entire process you maintained the same consistent level of professionalism that many to hers drop the ball on once they are awarded a project. You not only maintained this level, but you also then developed a rapport with all the other contractors in the home during construction as well. And now with the project completed and the Owners completely satisfied and living in the home for a few months with no complaints of any type I would like to thank you because you delivered your product to us and made for a seamless interaction with all parties involved.

In closing I would like to certainly say that never hesitate to use us as a reference and I wish you all the best in your continued operation of a fine company and hope that I have need for your services again.”

Oil Free Energy Solutions, LLC | Poughkeepsie, NY

“Just a brief note of immense appreciation for the work that GEO performed at our home. As you know, I made many mistakes in the design, purchase, and installation of my project (all with other vendors). Not only was the original design barely adequate, but the ensuing performance really suffered. The experience left my family and me with an extremely expensive bitter taste in our mouths.

But I am thrilled that I happened upon your company as you saved my project. You have my permission to share this letter with any potential clients and use me as a reference. That said, I am going to acknowledge up front that throughout the process as though your team was very professional, upfront, took my project seriously and set the appropriate level of expectations. This started with the audit of my particular equipment and the thermal seal and continued through to the project end in which your suggestions were implemented.

This has been a brutal summer…. baking heat for almost two weeks with extremely high humidity on some days. Each time we come in from outside a grin spread across my face as I am enveloped in consistent perfect air…sweet relief from what was once a situation fraught with frustration and regret.

Best to you all and I look forward to our ongoing relationship.”

Morgan | Staatsburg, NY

“In 2010, I selected a competing geothermal contract to perform a geothermal installation on a new home for my family. To my disappointment, this geothermal contractor did not honor the terms of our contract. Throughout much of the process, my interaction with them was difficult, and at times, I was at the receiving end of unprofessional discussions and emails. Due to this tenuous relationship with my geothermal contract, I reached out to Geothermal Energy Options on several occasions for assistance. Without hesitation, GEO delivered each time I approached them with a new dilemma. I was amazed. If I needed them on site, they would be there without delay. If I needed documentation or an education, they were there, with patience and plenty of reference material and sufficient research. Over time, I developed a professional relationship with the leadership team at GEO that was built on trust and mutual respect. A relationship that was clearly lacking with the geothermal contract that I mistakenly selected to perform the installation in my house. GEO went beyond my expectations to assist me with the challenges that I encountered. To this day, I am comforted by the fact that I know I can rely on them to assist me if I need a quality geothermal contractor in the Hudson Valley.”

Stu | Modena, NY

“Chris Ryan came out to my home in Easton, Connecticut in late 2011 to discuss retrofitting my 45-year-old home for Geothermal heating and cooling.

After going through my existing system, Chris let me know that he could do it, and in the summer of 2012, he and his team of professionals got started.

From what Chris explained from the beginning, it is much easier to put in a Geothermal system when you are building a house. But the Geothermal Energy Options team worked hard to install the proper units, then fine-tune the system until it works flawlessly. All along the way, Chris has been responsive to the problems of getting the unit to work.

In our older home. He personally made several houses calls and wasn’t content until the entire system was working up to his meticulous standard.

I am overly impressed with Geothermal Energy Options, and Chris Ryan, and whole-heartedly commend them for their high work ethic and recommend them without hesitation.”

“First impressions can often be misleading. When I first met Chris Ryan of Geothermal Energy Options, I was immediately taken by what seemed like a sincere, knowledgeable professional. Having watched Chris create a Geothermal system in my new home in Fairfield, Connecticut, I have been impressed by the level of work ethic and the care he has taken in making sure that my heating and cooling are working perfectly. Along the way, Chris has been extremely responsive to questions and has come to the house to make calls when the new system needed tweaking. I got the strong impression that Chris was not happy until everything was working perfectly. Turns out that my first impressions have been confirmed by the very positive experience of watching Chris and his teamwork their magic!

Turns out that my first impressions have been confirmed by the very positive experience of watching Chris and his team worked their magic!”

Priya Scarsdale | NY

“Having watched Chris create Geothermal system in my new home in Fairfield, Connecticut, I’ve been impressed by the level of work ethic and the care he has taken in making sure that my heating and cooling are working perfectly.”

Jim | Fairfield, CT

Chris Ryan was the fourth person we interviewed to install geo-thermal units in our new custom built home in Scarsdale. Chris and his engineer came to our home with all positive information we’d need, including a simplified version of how the system works, financial analysis, and benefits of going green. Their quote was precise and well under any estimate we had received earlier. Chris and his team immediately won our trust and confidence. They completed the job on time with meticulous detail and precision. We’ve had the units since April 2012 and have had no problems whatsoever. Chris is hands on and responds within a few hours. Overall a terrific experience.

Priya | Scarsdale, NY
The Ruby Group

“We are currently working together with GEO to install a ‘complete DX geo system, including domestic hot water and spray foam/fiberglass insulation’ in a 3,100sf home that we have under construction. Working with GEO has been quite a smooth experience. Not only do they do what they say, when they say it, but they also keep an eye out for potential oversights on the jobsite. We had an instance in which someone else’s work needed to be repaired, GEO not only called to bring it to my attention, but offered to correct it for me since they were already there. This type of collaboration on a jobsite is much appreciated. Thank you GEO!”

Four Seasons Construction

I wanted to take the time to write and thank you for your extraordinary service. Despite many changes throughout the project, your team was always willing, flexible, and able to satisfy the needs and requests of our client, and still perform on time and on budget. It was your team’s innovative, quick, and knowledgeable responses that made your scope of work in this project such a smooth and seamless task.

We look forward to collaborating with your firm on upcoming projects, and as well, we look forward to a fruitful relationship for future endeavors.

Thank you once again for your friendly, accommodating, experienced business spirit.

Corey L. Grossman

Courtney KovacsCourtney Kovacs
20:01 25 Oct 22
Jared HoschJared Hosch
01:14 23 Jul 22
Just had geo installed in my house by these awesome super friendly guys i cant believe i’m heat and cool my house for 30$ a month! These guys are awesome.
evan Mullalyevan Mullaly
01:08 23 Jul 22
Awesome savings on my energy bill!
Steve SingerSteve Singer
17:09 30 Jun 22
I worked with Geothermal Energy Options to make my home energy efficient with geothermal heating/cooling systems and spray foam insulation. I have already saved money and I highly recommend!
Douglas AlexanderDouglas Alexander
00:01 26 Jun 22
Chris is Superman
Shane AndrewsShane Andrews
23:53 25 Jun 22
I worked with Geo to make my home energy efficient! As a marine, I only want the best. And let me assure you, this company is the best! We worked together to install geothermal into my new home and used spray foam insulation to hold in the house temperatures! I couldn’t be happier!
Info BDCInfo BDC
17:44 24 Jun 22
We're developers in Northern Westchester and we've worked with Geothermal Energy Options for over 10 years on many projects from custom houses to a large condo community. They have been great to work with because they are professional, responsive and they also stand firmly behind their product even years down the road and will always help to fix any issues. We are also very happy with their product, which we have found to be more reliable, more "Green", as well as having a lower cost in the long run than a comparable furnace or boiler system. Two thumbs up for this company, we would recommend them to anyone.
Stephanie VotanoStephanie Votano
23:53 20 Jun 22
I hired Geothermal Energy Options to spray foam my garage. I am very pleased with how it turned out. Everyone that sprayed was very friendly and attentive. Steve did a great job quoting me and giving me a timeline. If I ever need something insulated in the future I will definitely hire Geo again!
John RJohn R
12:03 20 Jun 22
Geothermal Energy Options installed a GEO system at our house in Dutchess County. We are very pleased with our geothermal heating/cooling system. Owner (Chris) was a pleasure to do business with. He is very honest, fair, knowledgeable and truly cares about getting the job done right.
Kristanna HernandezKristanna Hernandez
23:43 19 Jun 22
Geothermal Energy has made such a difference for my apartment ! The company earned my trust and helped me understand the full process. As well as helping me with all the paperwork that needed to be done. Their employees were very hardworking. I was quite happy with the final results! If anyone is looking for spray foam I highly recommend geothermal energy options!

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